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Costa Rica Fishing: I love This Game!

costa rica fishing
Rich coastal waters of Costa Rica are undoubtedly a paradise for anglers from all over the world. Being washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the coastline facilities offer the world class Costa Rica fishing experience for everyone: from a novice to a skilled angler. Find out what is so special about local angling and what are the best options for Costa Rica active vacation below.

The Spot

The perfect location of this tiny, yet beautiful country several degrees north of the Equator makes it a true fishermen haven. Costa Rica sport fishing facilities encompass two major coastlines (the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the east) as well as a wide net of lakes and rivers. This allows a variety of fishing approaches to be used there. Have you ever heard of Costa Rican ‘super grand slams’? If catching three different types of marlin and a sailfish within a day sounds miraculous to you, you definitely haven’t been to Costa Rica. Moreover, besides sportfishing, there is a lot of activities to do there, thus you will never get bored in the land of a big game.

Costa Rica fishing calendar

Costa Rica offers great opportunities for unforgettable fishing all year round, but still, if you are interested in the particular species or certain fishing style, you need to get acquainted with Costa Rica fishing calendar. If you are dreaming about spear-billed marlin go to the north in June and July, but if your goal is tuna and dorado, you’d better plan your trip from June to October. Strong winds come to the north part of the state in December and finish in March, thus during these months the central part (Quepos and Los Suenos) are the best option for successful fishing. If you are going to have a winter vacation, Golfo Dulce waters, which are located in the south are perfect for grand game and vivid memories.

Diversity of Species

deep sea fishing in costa rica

Geographical position and ample of salty and fresh bodies of water determine the extreme diversity of the Costa Rica fishing species. When planning your trip, you may stick to one fishing style or mix them. The compact size of the country equally allows saltwater and freshwater fishing even during short holiday.

There exists a popular misconception that sportfishing in Costa Rica is limited to saltwater only. However, hundred of miles of rivers and lakes produce here a lot of fish which require special angling techniques and can be fun to catch. Lake Arenal is the most popular freshwater body which is practically loaded with rainbow bass. The lake is accessible for fishing all year round, although there are certain periods requiring freshwater angling license. Seasons can vary from year to year, hence it is better to check them beforehand. Besides the Lake, plenty of rivers also have rainbow bass along with bobo, mojarra, drum and other species. For tarpon and snook fishing Cano Negro lagoon and the Rio San Juan are recommended.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t tell a rainbow bass from a mojarra, the Costa Rican species are so unique and unusual in their look, that you will unhesitatingly name all of them after your angling adventure. Rainbow bass, for instance, is known as a fierce fighter and it is always very exciting to catch it.

Deep Sea Costa Rica fishing is also very adventurous and exciting. If you are diagnosed tarpon and snook fever, rush to the Caribbean coastline to treat it! Don’t forget to take pictures with your monstrous catch – the fish is so gigantic that no one would believe you caught it yourself without having a reliable photo proof.

Costa Rica Fishing Trip Checklist

If you seriously consider going to sport fish in Costa Rica, there is a lot of things to plan and organize beforehand, among which are:
◾deciding on the place and fish species you would like to catch;
◾booking flight tickets;
◾reserving hotel suites;
◾buying/renting fishing equipment and many others.

Organizing Costa Rica fishing trips can be less burdensome in case of purchasing all inclusive tours. The variety of such tours (for singles, couples, families and groups) offers different angling activities which will be prized both by those who prefer active rest and those who are looking for tranquil serene blue water beaches.

Go Wild in Costa Rica

Besides fishing, Costa Rica can offer numerous adventurous activities you may want to experience:
◾You can enjoy eco-tourism which had been on the high level in the state even before it became popular all over the world.
◾You may literally walk in the clouds – visit the tropical cloud forest with its splendid vegetation including mosses, ferns and orchids. The forest is known for its clouds which gently cover the canopy of the trees and are formed under the influence of the geographical factors.
◾For those who are looking for extreme, Costa Rica can offer zip line tours. Brave souls can enjoy zipping between trees of various height getting unforgettable impressions and unbelievable pictures.
◾Enjoy surfing on the beautiful Costa Rican beaches.

If you still have not decide on your upcoming vacation site, review the advantages of the Costa Rica fishing trip and start taking actions to embody it today:
1.The people of the state are reported to be nice and friendly.
2.It is a safe place for you and your family in all terms.
3.The small area offers a variety of things to do, thus all of your family members will be occupied and entertained.
4.Costa Rica fishing trips are rather affordable (of course, if you plan your trip in advance).
5.You can catch the biggest game in your life there. Or even beat an IGFA record!

The land of Costa Rica is a stunning combination of rich fresh lakes and rivers along with blue waters of the sea and the ocean. The incredible diversity of species, high quality facilities and ample of activities will not leave you and your family indifferent to this extreme experience. Discuss the possibility of sportfishing trip with your family and friends and they are bound to love the idea!

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Costa Rica cheap Rent a Car CompanyWhen you travel, rental cars are the best choice; you will be able to move from one great location to another within hours, even when you arrive at the airport, car rentals are available for you.

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Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party is great, There is so much to do here in Costa Rica and a long weekend at the very quick stop.

So planning ahead is important and getting the best of everything booked in advance. There are several companies that offer the same, but only a few are real experts and they love what they do.

We have been here for years, and we help you start planning all your excursions and many of the best activities, and we know this business very well and all the tours like Zip-line, SportFishing, rafting and mountain biking, we chose the best, something that always thanks us when returning from the tour.

Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Planning your Best Bachelor Party

Everyone can help in planning the best destination and package for your group. We are here to help in any way we can, customers have told us the VIP experts. We had several groups that tell us that we will never go to Las Vegas or New York again. They spent half the money and had twice the amount of pleasure in Costa Rica.

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All have their expectations
We must talk about people who think everyone, but especially the groom. Once we arrived at the end of a package for your group, it is best to talk by phone. We always like to make sure all the bases are covered.
Kith and kin

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Fishing Costa Rica Jaco

If you are looking for a smaller or larger, or if the boat is a large group with several boats dreams we know that owners of other fishing boats and book directly with owners.

We can work with any budget and a number of fishing groups small or large, and we can customize a fishing package to suit your needs.

Sport fishing in Costa Rica and accommodation packages for any group size includeing bachelor parties are based on the rates of the high season, from December to April, while sport fishing in Costa Rica is excellent throughout the year with some of the best anglers from April to November. Costa Rica Luxury Rentals are often less in the green season and pass the savings to you

Fishing Costa Rica Experts

Fishing Costa Rica Jaco  and Manuel Antonio Quepos

Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos Costa Rica is a small region of the Pacific Fishing Costa Rica Expertscoast, which offers one of the most exotic in the world of fishing. In fact, fishing is a popular sport in the world.

City near Quepos and Manuel Antonio fishing are some of the sports most visited attractions of Costa Rica. These places are mostly famous as the best places for sailboats peaceful liberation. They provide the adventure of the year to enjoy the sea, many species of marine life, and the best fishing in the tropical waters.

Many fishing companies are located in the charming seaside town of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. These companies offer various types of fishing packages, including sea and Fishing Jaco Beachcoastline. You can rent boats for a half day, three quarters, and all day, with multi-day trips. sport fishing are available…

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Fishing Costa Rica

Fishing trips and offers fishing vacations in Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica Dreams. Our ship, the dream Raiser 35 feet Express is located in the Suenos Marina Angeles and close to the town of Jaco. A 60 minute drive from San Jose. We are a Costa Rica Fishing owner of the Charter, and the operator, we booked directly with the boat owner who has over 23 years experience in the industry charter fishing in Costa Rica and Alaska. Most of the sites are just fishing in Costa Rica travel agents Los Suenos fishing and only care to get a reserve commission. Book your fishing trip to Costa Rica with the owner has many advantages. You’re not just a customer to us, you can get a customer, but leaves his lifelong friend.


Fishing Costa Rica from Jaco Beach

Fishing Costa RicaFishing in Jaco Beach Costa Rica is an interesting excursion to visit Jaco Beach. Pacific waters off the coast of Costa Rica are literally filled with a variety of dynamic anglers delight. A paradise for fishermen who wait, and those lucky enough to participate in the legendary waters is literally garbage collection, including rare and exotic capture precious as Marlin, roosterfish, tarpon, snook, wahoo, Dorado, Barracuda, Snapper and more. Costa Rica has been considered one of the top international destinations for the professional angler – and the area off the coast of Jaco Beach is probably the best of the best when it comes to questioning a once in a lifetime trophy fish .

Fishing enthusiasts traveled extensively advertised well Costa Rica, and in particular the Jaco area, to be today conquests mecca most wanted and elusive. A day in the waters off…

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Costa Rica Fishing Jaco

Without much of an argument, Costa Rica Fishing Charters fishing and experts agree that the Wahoo is the fastest fish in the ocean. Although they are found throughout the country, often traveling alone to catch one is always a pleasant surprise. Quickly, administers the only hot better than fighting is the fish itself. Because of its elusiveness, the Wahoo is a delight among fishermen. Trolling live bait is the best choice when it comes to make up, fast fish smart.


Fishing From Jaco Beach

If you have never fished in Costa Rica and made the trip to Costa Rica, then you should come and try. Much to offer a tropical “fishing paradise” is supposed to be and Jaco Beach FIshing Costa Ricamore. Southern Costa Rica Sport Fishing is at the west end to the south of Costa Rica, where development has not invaded everything and where the jungle is still in its original natural state. Our region, the Osa Peninsula, in many resource-rich areas that are full of marine fisheries, and have not yet been exploited by hordes of inexperienced anglers can be somewhat hostile to natural balance areas Fishing in Costa Rica.

There is an abundance of sport fishing in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, which is good news and we are here as Captain Brian and practice of southern Costa Rica sport fishing catch and release if possible. Captain Brian always work…

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Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has become a regular destination for those who love the thrill of a tie Marlin, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, dorado and roosterfish. Nosara is the perfect place to combine a fishing trip with time on the beach, surfing and just relaxing. The combination of a long day on the boat and a long afternoon at the pool bar will help you truly relax.

Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Fishing in Costa Rica Jaco

Costa Rica is recognized as one of the best fishing destinations in the world, with 95 world records from within Costa Rica and coastal waters. With two coasts to choose from, few places in the world are as varied water and abundant marine life. Costa Rica believes in the preservation of fisheries resources Visit Website lo learn more “and encourages all fish and edible fish being released. Costa Rica sport fishing is good throughout the year and the best fishing season is based on that you will travel.

Northern Caribbean is known for its “tarpon and snook, while the Pacific coast is famous for breaking the record for Sailfish, Costa Rica Fishing Experts JacoMarlin, Dorado, Wahoo and tuna. Barra Colorado, on the north coast of the Caribbean is a vast area of wetlands formed in the Rio San Juan and Colorado river flows into the sea nirvana ‘s…

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Coastal Kayaking Diving

Coastal Kayaking Diving

Coastal Kayaking Dive into – Enjoy one of the most spectacular coastlines of Costa Rica and the National Park – kayak seats in the ocean. If you are an individual, a group or a family adventure, this ocean adventure kayak challenging and rewarding for you. The adventure begins near the developing Pez Vela (Sail Fish) Marina in Quepos and winds along the coast of Manuel Antonio.

Enjoy a rare gem from the beach – a hidden Manuel Antonio Biezans Bay – for a refreshing swim and delicious local snacks. And do not hesitate to ask your naturalist guide to find the best places to dive, and with three small reef systems, but increasingly active and amazing reef located near the edge of Biezans Bay. Or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility of a private white sand beach.


In Jaco Beach Costa Rica you Enjoy the Super Bowl at Hotel Poseidon, Where you bet too. if you like now if do it online I recommend..

Activities Tours CRQ

Activities & things to do in Jaco Beach Costa Rica
Costa Rica is considered an ideal destination for adventurous travelers and young heart forever. With activities ranging from bird watching to Level IV rafting slides, Costa Rica offers activities for all types of travelers.
Let the Hotel Poseidon is located in the Pacific coast to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. We plan activities more efficiently. We plan trips to trips and multi-day trip. You can even take your luggage until you return to the hotel.

Activities in Jaco and surroundings:

  • Drag through the treetops on a canopy tour ” zip Lining”
  • Sport fishing in the Navy or Marine Los Suenos o Quepos
  • White Water Rafting on one of the many rivers of this country
  • Navigate to one half block from the Hotel
  • Bicycling in the nearby mountains
  • Walking on the beach
  • Walking through the woods or along the beach
  • Arenal Volcano Hot Springs
  • Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Walking with the monkeys and wildlife reserves Biologica Carara and Manuel Antonio Park
  • Golf on the 18th hole, near the los Suenos Marina..
  • And dinner cruises in the Pacific aterdecer
  • Relax by the pool enjoying a good book
  • Sleeping during a rain storm in the afternoon
  • Massage in Costa Rica.

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