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Activities & things to do in Jaco Beach Costa Rica
Costa Rica is considered an ideal destination for adventurous travelers and young heart forever. With activities ranging from bird watching to Level IV rafting slides, Costa Rica offers activities for all types of travelers.
Let the Hotel Poseidon is located in the Pacific coast to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. We plan activities more efficiently. We plan trips to trips and multi-day trip. You can even take your luggage until you return to the hotel.

Activities in Jaco and surroundings:

  • Drag through the treetops on a canopy tour ” zip Lining”
  • Sport fishing in the Navy or Marine Los Suenos o Quepos
  • White Water Rafting on one of the many rivers of this country
  • Navigate to one half block from the Hotel
  • Bicycling in the nearby mountains
  • Walking on the beach
  • Walking through the woods or along the beach
  • Arenal Volcano Hot Springs
  • Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Walking with the monkeys and wildlife reserves Biologica Carara and Manuel Antonio Park
  • Golf on the 18th hole, near the los Suenos Marina..
  • And dinner cruises in the Pacific aterdecer
  • Relax by the pool enjoying a good book
  • Sleeping during a rain storm in the afternoon
  • Massage in Costa Rica.

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