Wildlife Refuge Barra del Colorado

Barra del Colorado
Barra del Colorado

The Wildlife Refuge Barra del Colorado is located in the north-east, bordering with Nicaragua and Tortuguero National Park, bordering the river San Juan.

The two sides of the river are strikingly different. The side of Nicaragua is covered with dense primary forest, while the share of Costa Rica has long succumbed before electric mowers and has given way to the plains which become flood plains during the rainy season.

The wildlife here is varied, there are large populations of monkeys and birds throughout the park as well as some unusual amphibians abound on the banks of rivers, especially frogs and toads.

Take the opportunity to explore areas of nature for several days without interruption, whether you’re an experienced explorer or not, there are guides to help, there is enough room and many of the parts of the book remain unexplored.

A peculiar and interesting phenomenon in the San Juan River is the migration of bull sharks, they swim from the Atlantic Ocean to Lake Nicaragua. It is not known with certainty because this situation occurs, or as animals adapt to changing salinity of the waters through which they pass.


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