Hotels In Jaco Costa Rica

Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica

Atlantic Coast Costa RIca
Atlantic Coast Costa RIca

The tropical Atlantic coast of Costa Rica has beautiful forests, varied and abundant wildlife, excellent eco-tourism opportunities, world-class tarpon and snook fishing and miles of beautiful beaches and comfort.

One of the most popular eco-tourism in the country, with its canals, rivers, lakes and beaches is the “Tortuguero National Park”, “Amazon of Costa Rica” a working laboratory of rain forest, freshwater, and Marine biology. It is here that one of the most spectacular sights of nature, sea turtles nest on beaches from July to October.

The north coast of Costa Rica, near the border with Nicaragua, in Barra del Colorado, boasts excellent tarpon fishing, which attracts anglers from around the world.

Other fish may be fished in the region are weak and calba, which swim upstream from December to January.

The port city of Limon is Caribbean flavor from start to finish.

Limon is the capital of Afro-Caribbean culture of Costa Rica and was founded on English dialects that have survived through the natural barriers between the Central Valley and the Caribbean.

If a stop in Limón did absorb some culture “, you are sure to be a good thing for your trip in advance.

About an hour south of Limon is Cahuita, a charming village, which borders the national park.

Known for its rich marine life, the coral reef of Cahuita maintains a wide variety of live coral along its shores of white sand.

Half an hour south of Puerto Viejo, the perfect place to sit and relax for a few days or weeks, with miles of beautiful beaches that cross the city from north to south.

Manzanillo is literally the end of the road and the beginning of many adventures. From there you can take a boat or a horse and rode off.

This area is part of the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife, one of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica, rich in flora and fauna.

With diving coast as well as any in Costa Rica and enviable climate all year round, Manzanillo is very close to the loss of the rainforest that someone would know!


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