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Jaco Costa Rica Sunset Beach

Jaco is the popular surfing beach in Costa Rica. It is the city with easy access to the beach from the airport in San Jose.

Previously, the trip to Jaco used to take between one hour and fifteen minutes to two hours, but now since the opening of the new road in January 2010, the trip from Jaco to San Jose airport only forty-five minutes or one hour and fifteen minutes.

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do in Jaco Costa Rica. This page contains general information about Jaco Costa Rica. Click here to view map details of Jaco.
Most Costa Ricans live in the central valley, where the airport, so Jaco is the closest town to the beach for travelers and locals. Consequently, Jaco has been a major tourist destination for Costa Ricans for years.
Jaco is in the middle of the Pacific coast. An hour south is the Manuel Antonio National Park and a half hour north is the Carara National Park, and just as the surroundings are ten surfing beaches in one hour by car.

This just ten minutes to Hermosa, held in 2009, Surf Games “ISA World”. In addition to world-class surfing, surfing is for everyone from beginners to experts here in Jaco Beach.

For these reasons, hotels in Jaco provide a basis for popular domestic and international tourists.

Nature in Jaco

Jaco Beach Can not be in a better place to enjoy nature. Capuchin monkeys, toucans, scarlet macaws, ahinga, and over 200 species of birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, whales, dolphins and many other species make their home in the area.
Jaco night is a party town, and for many visitors is the main attraction, but also many tourists who come here early birds of Surfari intensive or mission of eco-adventure.

Facts about Jaco Beach

Facts about Costa Rica

The permanent population of Jaco is only 10,000, but because of all the national and international tourists, there are a wide variety of services and facilities available, from traditional to rustic and modern.

There are also plenty of interesting activities to try, as detailed in our vacation package section. Costa Rica restaurants and grocery stores
Although there is now a wide variety of grocery stores in the American style, a discount store and five restaurants, grocery stores are also typical of Costa Rica and traditional restaurants in the area or “sparkling” eaters abound four dollars .
For example, this Garabito on the road or a soda at high tide Pastor Diaz, near the Muni.

For more upscale restaurants, The Hotel Poseidon Restaurant is our favorites. Lemon rind is also recommended the Cordon Bleu chef Richard Lemon. Tsunami Sushi is a popular place that serves Japanese fusion. Pili Pili serves a mix of Eastern influences and Papparazzi has excellent Italian food. Estero restaurant is a good choice for good food in Costa Rica, but few tourists find this place on the north end of town.

Jaco Beach Costa Rica  and Transportation

There are several options for renting a car, motorcycle or four-engine, but you can still find plenty of places to rent a horse or bicycle.

Travelling by taxi in the city are $ 2 or less. Buses run frequently to Hermosa, Manuel Antonio, and San Jose. Buses run frequently to Hermosa, Manuel Antonio, and San Jose and taxis and transfer services are also available for these routes of about $ 9 to Hermosa, $ 100 a day trip to Manuel Antonio, and $ 100 Airport transfer – approx.

Jaco Beach Nightlife

The nightlife is equally varied, ranging from typical bar of Costa Rica to Miami style club. The Friends is a popular sports bar in the American style, there are pool tables (pool hall – outdoor) Pachi Pan ‘, Friends Sports Bar and Le Loft are good places to start your club after the party, Ganesha the beach with an influence of South Beach Bohio Bar Monkeys, The Witch of hard rock and more. For more details see our blog.

Los Suenos Marine

There is a marina for 15 minutes of shoes for sport fishing, with rents ranging from $ 200 for a small boat or up to $ 1,000 40-foot yacht with capacity for 8 passengers.

Jaco Beach Facilities

Art galleries and souvenir shops abound, along with churches of various denominations, two bilingual clinics, three casinos that meet weekly Hold’em tournaments, yoga studios own hotels and various options of yoga, a club team second division football and two gentlemen.

Each year in the first week of December, Jaco holds its annual stop a ride.

Here is literally something for everyone.

Jaco beach the Surf City

Jaco has been recognized as the surf town of Costa Rica.

Jaco is just one mile from the southern end of the beach and ten minutes from the world famous Playa Hermosa, where “ISA World Surfing Games 2009” took place, and there are ten beaches and river mouth unless an hour by car.

Southbound: Beautiful, Esterills Western, Central, Eastern, and Bejuco, and north of the island, Escondido, Coralillos, Puerto Caldera, Boca Barranca expect.

This coastal area receives more consistent surf than most places on the planet, and with ten beaches to choose from, there is almost always some kind of action. There are at least eight surf shops in the city where the equipment rental rates are quite low.

Jaco Beach – Playa Jaco

Jaco Beach is approximately three miles long.

The valley is surrounded by beautiful jungle-covered mountains that rise over 300 meters above sea level.

hotels are located in middle of  jaco and at the base of the highest mountain, a final miles south of the beach.  In the south, much of the beachfront is residential and the sand and the surf here is very open and uncrowded. In the center is more hostels and cheap hotels and large chain hotels, so there are more people.

There is something for everyone!
Jaco is an ideal city for weddings. The wedding planner at the Hotel Poseidon is the best ever, and the hotel offers a beautiful setting for your wedding, and the most relaxing and private rooms for guests at the ceremony. We also offer yoga retreats.

The yoga retreat coordinator can help you plan the perfect combination of Jaco beach, attractions and yoga classes in our airy yoga studio .

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